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I have to give props to ChuckE2009 for making this a amazing welding review video. He is the most enthusiastic welder buddy that I know, well, from the internet that is given that I don’t know Chuck personally. Here are some of the equipment that is mentioned on the video with some notes about their good and bad features:

Mig Welder Reviews

Hobart Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100 MIG$$$4.5/5
Miller Diversion 165 TIG Welder 907626 TIG$$$$4.5/5
Square Wave 230V TIG Welder 175A TIG$$$4/5
Lincoln Electric SP-180T MIG Welder K2689-1 TIG$$4.5/5
XL 225 AMP AC - DC 230V Arc Welding Power Source 150A Stick$$4.5/5
Hobart 500421 Stickmate LX 235 AC Stick (SMAW) Arc Welding Power Source Stick$$4/5
Lincoln Electric K1170 AC225S Stick Welder Stick$$$4.5/5

Hobart Handler 190

The Hobart Handler 190 gives professional performance in a portable package. Its settings range from 25 to 210 amps, which makes it ideal for welding aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. It comes with a handy chart that configures its settings to your project, perfect for beginners or experts. The Hobart Handler 190 hardly requires any set up. Just take it out of box and its ready to go. The spool gun circuitry is built in so no tools are kits are necessary. It can be used with or without shielding gas. Comes with contact tips, 10 foot gun with comfortable grip, 10 foot work cable with clamps, gas hose with dual gauge regulator, sample spool, 8 inch wire spool adapter, and speed control. They can be purchased with or without a spool gun.

Its 7 output voltage settings and dual-groove quick change drive roll make the Hobart Handler 190 very versatile. The infinite wire feed speed control makes perfect arc, less splatter, and professional looking beads. The expert penetration makes for minimal clean up. It can be used for household repairs or in an auto body shop. Best part is they’re easy to use and produce a beautiful weld.

Miller Millermatic 211 Dual Voltage

The Millermatic 211 is a step above the Hobart Handler 190. It comes with a convenient auto-set feature that sets the proper wire speed and voltage for you. Just put in your wire size and thickness of your material, and the machine does the rest. Makes setting up fast and easy. It has the highest out put of its class. It’s able to weld from 24 ga to 3/8 in mild steel in just one pass on 230 V. It’s smooth and practically splatter free for an easy clean up. The dual-groove quick-changing drive roll and spring loaded tension arm are incorporates into this fine device to make setting up simple and quick.

What make the Millermatic 211 truly unique are its multi-voltage plugs. With the multi-voltage plugs you can switch out between a regular 120 V to a more powerful 230 V easily. No tools required. Simply choose the plug you want and connect it.


Lincoln SP180T

The Lincoln SP180T is good for both large and small projects. It has a simple two knob tapped control which makes working with aluminum sheet metal, steel, and stainless steel a breeze. It’s simple to set up, just plug it into a 208 V or a 230 V outlet and your ready to work. The 30-180 amp welding output range makes for smooth welding and excellent performance. Its precision is on point with its fully adjustable drive system that reduces the chance of crushing and tangling. The large industrial drive motor makes for superb torque and easy functionality. It’s spool gun ready, no overpriced outboard modules required.

Just because the Lincoln SP180T is good for beginners doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality machine. The patented Power Chassis allows airflow to cool the power system, while not damaging the wires and cables. And The Lincoln SP180T is shielded in ultra tough plastic making it shock resistance, so you don’t have to worry about treating it delicately.

Tig Welders Reviews

Miller Diversion 165

The Miller Diversion 165 has a super easy to understand operating system. Just power-up, select your material type, set the material thickness range, and your ready to start your project. Perfect for amateur or experienced welders. The Miller Diversions’ specially designed cooling fan cuts down an its power consumption and also reduces noise. The special AC/DC power source make the machine even more energy efficient. The Auto-postflow has optimized postflow time that is based on welding amperage that allows for proper shielding of the weld end zone and electrode without wasting gas. The torch is designed to have a comfortable grip to reduce fatigue. All this in an easy to carry, 50 pound package, perfect for the welder on the go.

Lincoln Square Wave Tig 175

10 amp to 175 amp ac/dc. The square wave helps you get low end starts. also help tungsten from spinning and eroding. built in ac auto balance give you optimum balance setting. build in pre-flow timer that gives you about 1/2 second of gas to help shield your work. It also has a built in after-flow timer that gives you about 15 seconds of gas after the arc goes off to help cool the tungsten and the torch.

It’s a complete package deal comes with foot control. Twist made connection, just plug it in and twist, no need to work with any of the internal workings, which mean you can easily switch out for bigger or smaller torches. flow regulator, hose. Easy set up and changeability is what the Lincoln Square Wave Tig 175 is all about.

Stick Welders Reviews

Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC

A lot of economical welding machines have fixed amperage settings, but not the Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC. This is a good machine for beginner stick welders and it can be found at an affordable price. It’s able to weld a wide array of medals. The Thunderbolts custom amperage range allows for an endless amount of adjustments. Its infinite current control allows users to adjust the amps at 1 amp increments. The heavy duty electrode holder and power cord are already attached to the machine, so no extra purchases are necessary. All you need to do is attach the stick electrode you desire and your ready to start welding. Its forced draft cooling fan extends the life of the machine and helps reduce its electricity intake. Comes with high quality metal clamps. The dials are precise and easy to turn, perfect for welders who need to make adjustments but can’t take their gloves off. The power cord is only five feet long, so an extension cable may be needed.

The Thunderbolt AC/DC is best for light work. It’s good for garages or job shops, plant fabrication or maintenance, vocational training, or light production line work.

Hobart Stickmate LX AC/DC

The Hobart Stickmate LX AC/DC is highly recommended for first time welders. Its a fairly cheap device for thus who want to weld on a budget. Its also Reliable and straight forward. Reviews claim that it’s incredibly durable and long lasting, it usually surpasses its expected life span by a great deal. Its small which makes it good for home owners. Its polarity switch is basic and easy to read. The gauge is easy to adjust while working but reviews claim that it can be difficult to read.

It can go up 160 amps on DC 235 amps on AC. The Ac is best for working on heavier metals, while the DC provides a smooth arc and little splatter. It comes with a 15 foot heavy-duty holder and a 10 foot work cable with clamps and power cord plugs. The infinite current control is so accurate it can be adjusted by one amp increments. The amperage indicator can accurately control the amperage and heat output. And it can weld up to 1/2 in. of mild steel in a single pass.

Lincoln AC/DC 225

The Lincoln AC/DC 225 is great for anyone looking to just get to work on a project. The machine requires no warm up. Just turn it on and it starts right up. Its also easy to operate. It has a front mounted AC/DC polarity switch for easy visibility. The polarity switch is incredibly accurate which makes it ideal for those precise jobs. The machine provides a smooth arc that makes it easy to weld with different electrodes. 125 amp output on DC which is good for most 1/8 inch electrodes and a 225 amp AC output for most 3/16 inch diameter mild steel electrodes.

It’s easy to set up and it comes with an attached input power cables and plugs. The Lincoln AC/DC 225 is durable and has a long life span. Its a compact size for easy potability and storage. Comes with a selection chart that can be used as a quick and easy to use reference guide. The vermin resistant mesh bottom will keep you from worrying about nasty critters destroying the wiring of this machine.